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Prefer a hotel so you are fully equipped. At the edge of De Koog you find Hotel Opduin*****, Located on forest, beach and The Texel Dune

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Texel more than 30 km beach half of which have beach monitoring has. That means safe for you and your children swim. In addition all successful beach beach with all amenities.

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once Ameland. Nice one weekend, week or longer time than Texel island to another? Then recreation bungalow De Dijkwachter The correct address for you.

The Island Texel

Holiday for the whole family


Woods, dunes, beach, heath, ... ... Texel is the Netherlands on his small way. The boattrip from Den Helder to Texel takes + / - 30 minutes. Texel is the largest and most diverse island of the Netherlands. The island has seven villages with a total population of about 15,000.

On Texel you won't feel bored. Hiking, biking, parachuting, lazing on the beach, catamaran sailing or just relaxing with a book on one of the many terraces: Everything is possible.

De Cocksdorp


The Cocksdorp is the northernmost village of Texel. Several restaurants and shops including a supermarket and post office are available. In the high season, every Thursday a "Durper market.

The lighthouse and the beach about 3 km from De Cocksdorp. On the beach there is also a sailing school and from here you can make the trip to Vlieland.

De Koog

Dorpsplein de Koog

De Koog is the Beachresort of Texel. Especially the summer nightlife takes off. Besides the beach you can find many shops and bars. In summer, every Tuesday a market.Near the Koog you find the sealcenter Ecomare .

Den Burg

Den Burg is the capital of Texel. Here are main stores. Maandagochtond market is held each summer on Wednesday and in a folk market. In Den Burg is such a cinema, swimming pool and library and many restaurants

Den Hoorn

Den Hoorn is a small village where you will take to velemonumentale small buildings. There are few restaurants. A special experience in a cabaret dinner theater restaurant Cliff 12. Near the beach you can look at an old lookout. In the high season every Thursday Hoornder market.

De Waal

De Waal is the smallest village of Texel with a special attraction the Truck and Agricultural Museum.


Many monumental buildings define the character of Oosterend. Oosterend is notable for its many churches. Also you can visit the oldest church of Texel. Or just sit on 1 of the gezeligge terraces. In the summer there every two weeks to mark zaterday morning a mess.


Haven Oudeschild

Oudeschild is the fishing village of the island. From the harbor you can also make a trip with a shrimp cutter or a seal trip. You can also visit the Maritime Museum and Jutters or visit Texeler how quilts are made.

't Horntje

De boot naar Texel

Arrival of the ferry port of Den Helder. Dutch Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) is located at 't Horntje. In 't Horntje find a bus station and taxi instead, but you can also rent a bicycle.

Paal 21 child-friendly beachrestaurant of Texel.

In Beachrestaurant Beach-Inn do you have the peace and tranquility on the beach when someone deserves it \ she is on vacation. Furthermore, all facilities are available for a good beach day.